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FollowUp Power Construction CRM and Proven Training to Drive Sales

Why Your Leads Don't Turn Into Jobs

Construction CRM

Not tracking your sales and marketing activities with Construction CRM is holding you back. If it is not measured it cannot be managed. You are trying to grow your business with a blind fold on. What strategies have you tried?

Make Less Margin. You are desperate for a job. So you cut margins on a deal and it is hardly enough to pay the bills. You’re on the board, but it’s not a WIN.

Add more Sales people. You grow your sales team thinking more bodies will bring more dollars. But you find that they are just as unproductive as the last 6 sales people that you hired.

Dump more money into marketing. You try direct mail, local advertising, your website, sponsoring a golf tournament, and you get some business. But which effective and which is a waste of money?

You’re missing the mark.

Because you quote and hope to land your next job. 

Your bids are like arrows and your sales people are bidding with blind folds on. They are missing the mark and leads are falling through the cracks.

Ever get the feeling that the work you do (quotes, proposals, presentations, etc.) is a big waste of time? You think to yourself, “Why am I doing this, we aren’t going to get this business anyway?”

Hit the bulls-eye by pre-qualifying, tracking your bids, leads, and sales activities in our Construction CRM and never let deals fall through the cracks.

Construction CRM

Point Your Arrows In The Right Direction

Construction CRM

Turn leads into customers. You need a pro-active sales approach to turn leads into deals. Construction companies that pre-qualify, track bids, leads, and sales activities hit their target sales goals and win more deals because they work smarter.

FollowUp Power Construction CRM and Sales Training helps you make smart business decisions based on facts, not feelings.

Your sales team should know their closing ratios. You should know what your sales team is doing to keep them accountable. You should know what marketing efforts give you the best ROI. This critical information will help you grow your business.

Your Sales Overhaul Plan

Learn a Proven Methodology

Take the guess work out achieving your sales goals by standardizing the sales process

Drive Revenue Generating Behavior

Make sure your team delivers on critical priorities by automating daily activities with our Construction CRM

Become a Winning Sales Team

Build a world class sales team with FollowUp Power guiding you step by step

CRM Features

Bid and Lead Tracking

Custom Reports

Workflow Automation

Multi-Bid Functionality

User Security Levels

FollowUp Reminders

Our Top Sales Training E-Courses

Full Access $15 user/month

What Our Clients Say

Best Roofing

" I tried looking into other tools and there isn’t anything on the market for sales like this one. FollowUp Power is very robust in its reporting. We like how you can track who’ve you’ve bid to on a project and manage those clients individually. It’s been a great software tool for us. "

What is My Investment?

How much is a undisciplined sales team costing you? How many potential clients are falling through the cracks because you are trying to manage your opportunities with a blindfold on? Are you compromising your margins because you are a "bid and beg" organization? Not having a Construction CRM and a proven methodology may already be costing you a great deal.

One Simple Price

*48 hours needed for database creation*

  • Cloud CRM
    $55 /user/month
    • CRM
    • No Setup fee
    • Virtual CRM Training
    • Service and Support
    • Sales Training add-on available $15- per user

We Are Dedicated to your Success

RampUp Coach (Optional)

With a FollowUp Power RampUp Coach you get a more hands-on implementation experience.

Professional Onboarding is designed for new customers of our CRM software who want a more personalized training experience. With the help of an Implementation Specialist, you will receive both sales and technical guidance to properly configure the software and rollout assistance to leverage the CRM and Sales Methodology. We will make sure you have all the resources and advice you need to get started with FollowUp Power as quickly as possible. In addition any technical setup required, your RampUp Coach will work with you to develop your first campaign designed to address your unique business and marketing objectives.

What’s Included:

  • An assigned RampUp Coach
  • Assistance with the technical set up of the CRM
  • Assistance with the rollout of the CRM to your team
  • Sales meeting coaching to ensure propose use of CRM and methodology
  • Guidance on developing, managing and executing your sales process

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