• What Makes Us Different?

    Perfect for coordinating workflow in the selling environment of Specialty Contractors.

    Can be learned in just 1 hour!

    Only Sales Management tool that tracks Sales Behaviors.

    What Makes Us Different?
  • FollowUp Power is the equivalent of replacing a hammer with a nail gun for your sales team.

    You will be faster, better, and more organized. You will make more sales with less effort.


    From a Hammer to a Nail Gun
  • Customized For Your Industry. Personalized For Your Company

    Tailored to the way YOU do business. Perfect for both small sales teams as well as more complex operations.

    Customized For Your Industry. Personalized For Your Company
  • Turn Your Data Into Insights

    Live graphs and charts measure leads, pipeline performance, and closing ratios.

    Know your numbers in real time

    What gets measured, gets done.

    Turn Your Data Into Insights
  • How Are Your Sales?

    We at FollowUp Power provide solutions to remove the insecurity of not knowing if your company will make enough sales.
    From building a Sales force to activity tracking and sales training, we have your sales problems covered.

    How Are Your Sales?
  • Secure & Reliable

    FollowUpPower is delivered on a hosted platform with full data security. Users access the system via a web browser, so you can access your dashboard from anywhere in the world. Literally.

    Secure & Reliable

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